Addiction / Quit Smoking

Assistance is at hand to control your cravings. Ear Acupuncture is a potent way to help you quit smoking and decrease cravings.

Regular treatment takes place when you decide to quit, treatment will assist and support you in letting go of habits which no longer serve you. Start to encourage a healthy lifestyle today.

A Possible Mechanism Underlying the Effectiveness of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Drug Addiction- Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: eCAM, 23 Jan 2009.
Laser Auriculartherapy or Ear acupuncture using laser is effective to reduce withdrawal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, alcohol, and food addiction. Acupuncture and laser therapy help to release endorphins and enkephalins which act as analgesiacs or pain- relievers.

Laser acupuncture is done on the ear predominantly as it is the best connection to the central nervous system. When you receive treatment, it supports your body while quitting smoking. The laser treatment will help your body release natural occurring feel-good chemicals like dopamine & serotonin, that are soothing and help you feel more at ease and calm. It’ll also help your body gently detox your liver and lungs.

The Quit Smoking program consists of 3 laser acupuncture sessions done over 3 consecutive days. It is $495 for the program and each session is an 45-60 minutes.

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