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Qigong Classes & Workshops

All Qigong sessions are only held online via Zoom.

A great place to start is The 7 Day Feminine Manifestation Fast Track™. This is an introduction to the embodiment of meditative movement and Qigong for manifesting your best health, abundant joy, whatever it is your true heart desires. Here is a link for this online course.

If you are keen to dive in deeply, then there is the The Rising Phoenix – Burnout Recovery & Prevention Method™. Click here for a full explanation of what it’s all about: 12 week course.

My mission is to transform the culture of overwhelm and burn-out (that so many women are currently stuck with) and assist them towards living an empowered life of more ease, grace and flow! I created the Rising Phoenix™ to help fulfil my mission of helping women around the world, feel plugged in, lit up and inspired on ALL levels!

The Rising Phoenix ™ is my signature system of Meditative Movement & Feminine Embodiment. It will run for 12 weeks, on Mondays 12-1pm AEDT. You can join at any time.

Click here for a full explanation of what it’s all about: The Rising Phoenix – Burnout Recovery & Prevention Method

You will receive recordings of each weekly group session. This way you can practice what you learn at home each day.
You will also have access to the course curriculum online.

It’ll be a little different to how I usually teach my classes in that it will include:
Slide deck with explanations to understand the particular topic
Meditative movement
Seated meditation
Energetic & somatic practices
Embodied coaching
Worksheets for self-reflection

I help women be empowered, productive, & joyous, without overwhelm, frustration or burnout, so they can reach their full potential in life & work, & live a life of freedom, flow & fruition. It is designed for women, but please feel free to participate if your heart desires.

The Rising Phoenix™ Course Outline 

How to embody Love, Power & Wisdom to bring you Freedom, Flow & Fruition – Ancient wisdom for the modern woman™.

This course helps you actively manifest what your heart desires, be it wellbeing, success in your business or work, joy, peace, emotional freedom, or abundance on all levels of your being. You will increase your sense of connection, confidence, emotional equilibrium, personal power, self-love, focus & motivation.

Modules: There are 9 modules which we will cover over 12 weeks.


1.Explore how to gain insight & clarity by asking the right questions, without feeling overwhelmed, so you can expediate your path to empowerment.
2.Embrace how to melt blocks of mental resistance, without procrastinating for a minute longer, so you can open the door to change & action easily.
3.How to Evolve your current reality by looking at things from a greater perspective, so you can liberate your mind for inner peace, and tap into more of your abundant potential.


1. How to reclaim your energy & empowerment, without being overwhelmed or getting stuck in the past, so you can swiftly gain momentum in your life & work & manifest your dreams & goals.
2.How to redirect liberated energy, without difficulty, so you can increase personal power & presence, & steer it towards your best life now.
3.How to reactivate your empowerment & ability to manifest, without unworthiness holding you back, so you can rapidly bring your abundant future self into fruition.


1. How to ground these principles, & increase your confidence so you can have greater influence in your life & work.
2. Gratitude, the 3 essential secrets to magnetise more of what you love & improve productivity so you can accelerate your success in your life & work.
3. How to access Grace & your flow state twice as fast, without doing anything too strenuous, so you can enjoy peak performance & more success in your life & work.

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All are welcome, suits beginners and advanced alike.


Transform stuck, negative energy into positive, creative energy. This is an enjoyable and gentle way to bring greater equilibrium to our bodies, minds & hearts. After just a short amount of time, moving gently, breathing deeply, mindfully and heartfully focusing on resources from within ourselves and beyond, you can begin to feel remarkably different!

Looking forward to sharing The Rising Phoenix™ with you!

Much love,



So what are 5 things you didn’t know about The Rising Phoenix™ Meditative Movement? Based on principles of Oriental medicine and Qi flow through the Mind, Body & Spirit, your practice will:

-increase confidence and elevate your mood.
-encourage health, prolong life.
-reduce stress, overwhelm.
-cultivate awareness.
-engender a sense of balance.

What is Qigong (or Chi Kung)?

Regulate the Body, Mind and Qi through postures, movements, relaxation and focus. Qigong is immeasurably beneficial & efficient at moving Qi, calming the Mind, strengthening the Body & harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of Being. Workshops covering a particular Qigong form are held throughout the year. These are usually 2 hours via Zoom. Register your interest now and we’ll let you know about future workshops.

Qigong is based on the same principles that are applied in Chinese medicine. Movements & breath harmonise organs, meridians and emotions & rebalance our energy systems. Transform stuck, negative energy into positive healing energy. Subtle energy or life force flows freely through our bodies when we are in good health. Emotions are energy too. When this energy gets stuck or stagnant, it can lead to pain or ill health physically and emotionally. Chi Kung is a healing art that gently moves this energy and transmutes it into vitality and health. It’s an enjoyable and gentle way to bring greater equilibrium to our bodies, minds & hearts.

Learn Ancient Methods for Peace and Wellbeing. For thousands of years the Chinese have practiced Qigong and Tai Chi to encourage health, prolong life, reduce stress, cuiltivate awareness, engender a sense of balance and elevate one’s mood.

Tai Chi

Are you looking for a form of exercise that will calm and uplift your spirit?

Tai Chi reduces high blood pressure and effectively calms the inner chatterbox. It is enjoyable and will help conditions such as arthritis.

“Tai Chi… may safely and effectively be used to treat knee osteoarthritis…Significant improvements have been reported in balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory function, and reduction of pain, depression, anxiety and arthritic symptoms in a variety of patient populations including KOA.”
– Tai Chi for Treating Knee Osteoarthritis: Designing a Long-term Follow up Randomized Controlled Trial – BMC -Musculoskeletal Disorders, 15 Sept 2008.

Yang style 24 form Tai Chi consists of graceful flowing movements that loosen and limber while improving your circulation and joint mobility. It promotes relaxation through slow, smooth movements practiced with a relaxed mind.

Forms that may be taught over the year include

Five Elements
Tendon & Meridian Cleansing method
Joint Nourishing & Bone Marrow Washing Method
Qi Gathering Method
Da Wu Six Healing Sounds
Five Animal Frolic
Taichi Yang style 24 Form